Get details for a show's seasons, e.g. how many seasons there are and how many epsiodes each season has. With episodes == TRUE and extended == "full", this function is also suitable to retrieve all episode data for all seasons of a show with just a single API call.

  episodes = FALSE,
  drop_specials = TRUE,
  drop_unaired = TRUE,
  extended = c("min", "full")



character(1): The ID of the item requested. Preferably the trakt ID (e.g. 1429). Other options are the slug (e.g. "the-wire") or imdb ID (e.g. "tt0306414"). Can also be of length greater than 1, in which case the function is called on all id values separately and the result is combined. See vignette("finding-things") for more details.


logical(1) [FALSE]: If TRUE, all episodes for each season are appended as a list-column, with the amount of variables depending on extended.


logical(1) [TRUE]: Special episodes (season 0) are dropped


logical(1) [TRUE]: Seasons without aired episodes are dropped. Only works if extended is "full".


character(1): Either "min" (API default) or "full". The latter returns more variables and should generally only be used if required. See vignette("finding-things") for more details.


seasons_summary() wraps endpoint shows/:id/seasons/seasons.


A tibble(). If the function has a limit parameter (defaulting to 10), this will be the (maximum) number of rows of the tibble. If there are no results (or the API is unreachable), an empty tibble() is returned.

See also


# Get just the season numbers and their IDs seasons_summary("breaking-bad", extended = "min")
#> # A tibble: 5 x 4 #> season trakt tvdb tmdb #> <int> <chr> <chr> <chr> #> 1 1 3950 30272 3572 #> 2 2 3951 40719 3573 #> 3 3 3952 171641 3575 #> 4 4 3953 297361 3576 #> 5 5 3954 490110 3578
if (FALSE) { # Get season numbers, ratings, votes, titles and other metadata as well as # a list-column containing all episode data seasons_summary("utopia", extended = "full", episodes = TRUE) }