This is a reference list of API methods available, their endpoint URLs (with user-specified parameters indiciated by a : prefix) and a link to their respective implementation in this package, if applicable.
Authenticated methods (there’s only a few) are indicated as such.

Note that not all available methods are listed here, especially those geared towards interactive apps – I highly doubt that people will want to post (or update) comments through this package.


Method Endpoint Implementation Auth
Trending shows/trending shows_trending() Optional
Popular shows/popular shows_popular() Optional
Played shows/played/:period shows_played() Optional
Watched shows/watched/:period shows_watched() Optional
Collected shows/collected/:period shows_collected() Optional
Anticipated shows/anticipated shows_anticipated() Optional
Updates shows/updates/:start_date shows_updates() Optional
Summary shows/:id shows_summary() Optional
Aliases shows/:id/aliases shows_aliases() Optional
Translations shows/:id/translations/:language shows_translations() Optional
Comments shows/:id/comments/:sort shows_comments() Optional
Lists shows/:id/lists/:type/:sort shows_lists() Optional
Collection Progress shows/:id/progress/collection N/A Required
Watched Progress shows/:id/progress/watched N/A Required
People shows/:id/people shows_people() Optional
Ratings shows/:ids/ratings shows_ratings() Optional
Related shows/:id/related shows_related() Optional
Stats shows/:id/stats shows_stats() Optional
Watching shows/:id/watching shows_watching() Optional
Next Episode shows/:id/next_episode shows_next_episode() Optional
Last Episode shows/:id/last_episode shows_last_episode() Optional


Method Endpoint Implementation Auth
Summary people/:id people_summary() Optional
Movies people/:id/movies people_movies() Optional
Shows people/:id/shows people_shows() Optional
Lists people/:id/lists/:type/:sort people_lists() Optional


Method Endpoint Implementation Auth
Popular lists/popular lists_popular() Optional
Trending lists/trending lists_trending() Optional


These endpoints are used to check filter arguments. The output is cached in tidied up format as package datasets.

Section Method Endpoint Implementation
certifications List certifications/:type ?trakt_certifications
countries List countries/:type ?trakt_countries
genres List genres/:type ?trakt_genres
languages List languages/:type ?trakt_languages
networks List networks ?trakt_networks